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    • 1 million
    • people
    • use our products for insurance sector
  • Web programming

    End-to-End Software Development

    We provide full-cycle software development, deployment and after-release support. You will get functional, scalable and secure product for the perfect business fit.

    MVP in 90 days.

  • Team

    Team Augmentation

    Avoid the cost of investing in internal skill development. Hire professionals with the required skills to ensure project results and timely delivery.

  • Project Management

    «Rescuing» your Project

    We join in any development stage, analyse the current state of the product, get the development process back on track and release your product on time.

  • Team

    Creating a Dedicated IT-center

    We provide full-time dedicated teams that include analysts, designers, developers, QA-engineers and project managers. Assemble your team within just a few days.

  • Web development

  • mobile development

  • ai/AR

  • Desktop applications

    • Description of the data structure
    • Description and optimization of business processes
    • Drafting the product concept
    • Project records management
    • Creation of interactive web resources and mobile applications prototypes
    • Prototype testing on users
    • Graphic design
    • Web design
    • Design of mobile applications
    • Frontend development
    • Backend development
    • Highload systems development
    • Integration with indirect systems
    • Server infrastructure
    • Functional testing
    • Regressing testing
    • Automated testing
    • Load testing
    • Usability testing
    • Security testing
    • Servers maintenance
    • Monitoring of mobile applications and web resources accessibility
    • Server security services
  • Submitting Mobile Apps To The App Store And Google Play

  • Projects Support And Evolvement

Technology expertise

  • HTML, CSS (SASS, PostCSS), Single Page Application (SPA), Server Side Rendering (SSR), Client Side Rendering (CSR), Git, Webpack
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis

  • Yii/2, Laravel, Symphony, Phalcon, Bitrix, Wordpress

  • EE, SE, Spring, Hibernate, Java FX, JSF

  • .NET Framework 4.7, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, .NET Standard, LINQ, Entity Framework Core

  • STL, Boost, Qt5

  • Django, Flask, Twisted, Qt

  • Express, Meteor, Koa

  • React.js, Vue.js, Angular, TypeScript

  • React Native, Android SDK, iOS SDK

  • Vagrant, Docker, Ansible, TeamCity, Puppet, Aunt TDD, BDD, DDD, API-Driven, KISS, YAGNI, SOLID, GRASP, Chef

100+ professionals who are in love with what they do

Ramil Zayneev
Ramil Zayneev


Chief executive officer
We expand our horizons and follow our dreams. High technology is the future of this world, and we are a part of it.
Anton Astafiev
Anton Astafiev


Chief business development officer
Our priorities are people and technology. Combined with optimization of operations, they become the key to efficient work and continuous growth
Tatiana Nechaeva
Tatiana Nechaeva


Commercial Director
We are open to the world, to new contacts and new knowledge. We build mutually beneficial relations with our clients on terms of trust and reliability.
Pavel Novikov
Pavel Novikov


Chief human resources officer
People are the core value of this company. We invest in education and personal growth of our employees and build positive collaborative work environment.
Artyom Prozorov
Artyom Prozorov


Chief technology officer
We automate everything that makes life easier. Time is a valuable resource and we prefer to spend it on important things.
Oleg Rovny
Oleg Rovny


Head of design
Design is not only about beauty. Top-class design serves for usability, conversion and great user experience.
Nikita Baltabaev
Nikita Baltabaev


Head of QA
We aim at delivering flawless solutions. Well-built quality assurance system reduces development costs and shortens time to market.
Aleksandr Afanasiev
Aleksandr Afanasiev


Head of analytics
Proper planning is 50% of success. We deeply investigate your business workflow and customer journey map to deliver exactly what you need.

Our clients

  • Auchan Retail
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Legrand
  • Gazprom Leasing
  • Mercury
  • EMC
  • WWF
  • Brandloyalty
  • Uralchem
  • Philips
  • PPF Insurance
  • Straumann
  • DAB Pumps
  • Döcke

Some of the projects we are proud of

Application of
Auchan suppliers

Application of Auchan suppliers

Auchan Retail is a French multinational retail group operating in 17 countries. Auchan Retail’s turnover was 51.7 billion euros in 2016 and it occupies a strong position in all the countries where it is present.

ZeBrains created an automated system for Auchan to work with suppliers. The system included a questionnaire for suppliers and automated processing of the documents. First we released a minimum viable product (MVP), and then extended it with more features.

As a result, Auchan decreased the workload for its employees and improved business processes.

The work included prototyping, development, integration with inclusive services of the client (SOAP, CRM).

Web application for Auchan suppliers

Mobile application for
PPF insurance

Mobile application for PPF insurance

PPF Insurance is a part of PPF Group that operates in 23 countries and owns assets worth over 45 billion euros.

The company needed a re-designed mobile application for its personnel. The application allows agents to calculate a compensation, create a payment schedule and send the information to the clients. Originally the application was available on tablets only. ZeBrains created a cross-platform mobile application for iOS and Android, available both on smartphones and tablets.

The work included UX analytics, prototyping, design and frontend development.

Mobile application for PPF Insurance

Mobile application for

Mobile application for BrandLoyalty

BrandLoyalty designs, develops and implements loyalty solutions that help the world's most successful retailers to change consumers' behavior.

When BrandLoaylty created a loyalty program for Russian retailer, they contacted ZeBrains to develop an application to interact with the retailer’s customers. The application included a promo campaign and elements of augmented reality, that allowed users to place objects in their interior.

The application was installed by thousands of users who actively participated in the promo campaign and enjoyed playing with the AR option.

ZeBrains provided UX analytics, design, development, QA services and submitted the app to the App Store and Google Play.

Mobile application for Brandloyalty

Web system for

Web system for Legrand

Legrand is the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures with facilities in over 90 countries and products sold in nearly 180.

Legrand ordered a monitoring system for internal use, that should be accessible by authorised personnel only. Access to the system is granted based on the user roles and all the activities are trackable. Customizable notifications allow to remind users when any activities are required. The system is also integrated with Tableau for data representation and analysis.

ZeBrains provided UX analytics, design, development and QA services.

Web system for Legrand

Supporting nature with

Supporting nature with WWF

The World Wide Fund for Nature is an international non-governmental organization working in the field of the wilderness preservation, and the reduction of human impact on the environment.

ZeBrains worked with WWF on several projects, the most noticeable of which are the Earth Hour and the Forest Protection.

For the Earth Hour we have created a dedicated website where visitors can learn about the initiative and take a questionnaire about the environment around them and their consumer habits. For participating in the survey visitors receive a certificate that states how friendly to the nature they are. We have also created an application for a popular social network, to reach more audience.

For the Forest Protection program we have created a website where visitors can donate to save a particular part of a forest. Visitors can select an intact forest on a map and donate to protect one or more hectares of the forest. The donations are used to help rangers and volunteers control and preserve the area.

Web solutions for WWF

Online services for
Soglasie Insurance

Online services for Soglasie Insurance

Soglasie Insurance Co. Ltd. has successfully operated in the insurance market for over 24 years. The paid-up share capital of the сompany amounts to 85 million US Dollars.

When the government obliged insurance companies to provide people with an option to purchase a car insurance online, insurance companies were in desperate need of new product development. Obviously, the companies needed to develop the product fast, to attract clients who wanted to use online services.

ZeBrains provided the minimum viable product (MVP) in 90 days. The MVP included integration with a state database and payment systems. Visitors could register, send documents, calculate costs, order a policy and pay for it, and then check the policy status.

When the MVP was released, we continued product development. We added client area where clients could perform multiple operations, integrated the system with more third-party databases, created an automated full-cycle policy issuance system, and much more.

The system is highly scalable, and it is still growing. We have been adding more services and integrations to provide Soglasie’s clients with an easy-to-use tools and help the company hold the top positions on the insurance market.

Online service for Soglasie Insurance

Help people in need with
Your Hour

Help people in need with Your Hour

Your Hour is a mobile application designed for bringing together people in need, charities, social services and volunteers.

When you have a spare minute to do something good, you can log in to Your Hour, find a person who needs help in your area and help this person out.

The registration process and identity verification ensures safety of the project participants.

Since the launch in 2017 over 2 thousands participants have registered in the application and helped each other over a thousand times.

The application as available on the App Store and Google play. After the launch we have been providing support to the system, adding more features and making it easier for people to help each other.

Mobile application for Your Hour

Mobile application for
Family Doctor

Mobile application for Family Doctor

Family Doctor is a private medicine center located in Moscow. They daily serve over 5k visitors in 16 locations.

ZeBrains created a mobile application with a client area that makes the communication between the clinics and their visitors easy and convenient. Using the mobile application visitors can find the nearest clinic and schedule an appointment with a doctor. They can take control of their medication and examination schedule. Visitors can access their medical records, examination results and prescriptions. The application also includes a loyalty program.

The access to the application is secured with Touch ID.

Push-notifications remind users of the time to take medication, of scheduled appointments, and inform when examination results are ready.

The application is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Mobile application for Family Doctor

Recycling with

Recycling with VtorPlus

VtorPlus is a platform where sellers and buyers of recyclable materials meet.

The application created by ZeBrains connects those who cares about waste recycling and those who provides recycling services. It teaches users to sort the garbage correctly and allows to order a pick-up service. Volunteers can also register to provide pick-up services. They receive requests in the application and decide where they will be able to pick up, then they deliver the garbage to a recycling center.

The application includes a bonus system. For every action users get rewarded with bonuses which can be converted into money.

The pilot project has started in Ulyanovsk, Russia, where several hundred people have already registered. The plan is to spread the service nationwide.

The application is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Mobile Application for VtorPlus

What our clients say

Michael Volkov

Product owner. WWF

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) would like to thank ZeBrains for successful development of the fund’s websites. We have been working with ZeBrains for several years. During this time they have launched several landing pages for us. They are also supporting our main website.

We specially thank Zebrains’ project manager Ekaterina Kireeva. Ekaterina ensures timely product delivery and helps us with project requirements.

Our representatives have been added to ZeBrains’ task trackers, which is very useful, and we appreciate this level of customer service.

Ekaterina Kitaeva

CEO. Your Hour

We needed a mobile application that would work better than applications of our competitors. We hired Zebrains to do the job and we have never regretted it. Zebrains offered us solutions that were fully suitable for our product concept.

We are grateful to designers and developers who met our expectations and created a stylish and easy-to-use application.

Pavel Krylov

Product owner. Wizl Ltd

Zebrains proved their expertise and delivered the product within required timeframes. We would like to mention well-coordinated work of the team. The teamwork is highly organised and focused on the client and client’s needs.

We recommend Zebrains to those who value multifaceted approach, custom solutions, operational efficiency and high-quality products.

Alexander Kovalkov

Marketing manager. Brandloyalty

ZeBrains provided full-cycle development for our project. We decided to add some augmented reality to the app, and ZeBrains successfully implemented it. The application was highly appreciated by users, which is the sign of the team’s good expertise in their field. The team we worked with was very experienced and professional.

We would recommend ZeBrains as a reliable software developer for your projects.

Roman Bazhenov

Head of IT department. Soglasie Insurance

Soglasie Insurance keeps top positions on the insurance market in Russia.

We have been working with ZeBrains for over 3 years. During this time, they have released several products, such as our corporate website, client area, options to buy insurance online, and others.

We always recommend ZeBrains to our friends and partners, because we know that ZeBrains delivers high-quality software.

Andrew Shirokov

Product Manager. PIK Digital

PIK Digital is an IT-company that brings modern technologies to the construction sector.

We outsource some of our projects to ZeBrains. We have demanding requirements for development companies, and we choose ZeBrains because they satisfy our standards. With the help of ZeBrains team we have released several key projects.

ZeBrains is a team of professionals. They will be of benefit to companies who are looking for a reliable development partner.

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